Tim Dinger



Wisconsin born Packer fan. Meets up with

Bill Hayes for yet another round of music and

fun. This time with Gregory Dean and Debbie

Goodman. Spends his days working full time

locally here in the south-bay, and his nights

playing music and plucking away at his auto

restoration projects. Switching gears for the

Debbie and the Goodman Band from a bluesy

feel, to more of an original Country Blues

Rock sound project that is the Debbie and the

Goodman Band. 



              Greg Dean



Gregory Dean was born in Los Angeles and

lived there till 1973 when he relocated to Akron,

Ohio.  In 1997 Greg returned to the LA area,

in the South Bay. He started playing guitar in

1963 and started song writing in 1965. Majored

in music for 3 years and electronics for 2 years

in college. Taught guitar and bass lessons for

12 years privately. Played in rock bands full time

from 1973-1978, part time from 1979-1987 and

again from 2005-present. Greg can actually write

music (notation/orchestration), and is well versed

in midi programming and music theory. He's written

well over a 100 songs and received a publishing

contract in 1990 for a song that never went anywhere. 

Ironically the tune was titled “Going through the

motions”. Major influences include: Eric Clapton,

George Benson, Beatles, Jimmy Page, Albert

King and Dicky Betts.  Greg works days as a computer

tech servicing LA, Orange and Ventura Counties.